Residential house in the historical town centre of Lucca, Italy, for sale!

We offer a palazzina, a townhouse, in old downtown Lucca, Italy, for sale. The building is located inside the intact town-walls building of the XV-XVII century. The apartments are habitable and the structure is in good condition. The house and the apartments are properly registered in the Property Registry.

Actually the building is divided into three properties:
A shop of 26 sq m at the groundfloor.
A big apartment of 121 sq m across three floors.
A small apartment of 56.4 sq m at the third and last floor.

For sale is the whole building as well as the single apartments.

Lucca is one of the very Italian cities of culture, famous for its intact city-wall that surrounds the historic centre. In the second half of 18th century it has been transformed to a favored promenade with umbrageous trees inviting you for a walk. The old town of Lucca, Tuscany, offers all you need for a quiet but modern city live. It’s a traffic-reduced area with small paved streets and marvelous squares including the famous Piazza dell’Anfiteatro and the Via Fillungo with its stores and handcraft shops.
Lucca is located in an enviable position: only 20 min. from the seaside (Viareggio – Versilia), from the international airport of Pisa and about one hour by car from Florence, Genoa or Siena. Furthermore, lovers of the nature have the Apuan Alps right out of town.

Our townhouse is in Via Michele Rosi, only a few steps away from all the important historic sites of the town. It is easy to get there even by car being situated right between two gateways at a distance of about 300 m.

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